Welcome to ANIMA
Anima is a community-driven MMO Pixelverse, that brings non-profit into the metaverse and creates utility for committed and cultural NFT collections.
This LitePaper is a WIP, in constant evolution. Its information can be completed and modified in time according to the progress of the project.

We are creating an enhanced metaverse changing your mindset.

Anima is a 2D pixelverse accessible on browsers, offering utility to cultural NFT collections and contributing to charitable actions. We got two main objectives:
  • Anima's pixelverse aims to allow non-profits to gradually enter the metaverse. A way for non-profits to gain visibility, build communities and obtain funds to carry out social and charitable actions.
  • We want to support cultural NFT projects and animal welfare collections by giving them visibility and utility in our game. Our mission is to gather people sharing the same values and ambitions in order to create together a more eco-responsible, social, and cultural metaverse that will allow us to carry out actions for the good. (See Colonies)
Planet Anima - Near AnimaCity

The CryptoAnimals Collection

CryptoAnimals is the first collection of HumanLab Studio 40 different animal species (representing for the most part the main species in danger of extinction) and many different amazing traits. The CryptoAnimals are also:
  • Your access key to the Anima Pixelverse
  • Your avatar - Your Identity (PFP)
  • Your in-game companion

  • Your intellectual property
  • Your way to act for the good

Some CryptoAnimals sneak peeks

For more details check CryptoAnimals

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All good? If you need any help or if you have any questions you can contact us on discord.
Please be aware of scammers: our CORE team will never DM you first!

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We are creating an enhanced metaverse changing your mindset.
The CryptoAnimals Collection
Discover ANIMA
Questions and support
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