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Keepers HQ - the year 2300 - Tokyo
Planet Earth - Tokyo Keeper's HQ
In the year 2300, humanity is at a crossroads: Earth’s ecosystem can no longer withstand the persistent abuse by human advancement, but civilization cannot continue without the resources and energy it has come to depend on. There are already so few humans left because of drought, disease, famine, and various natural disasters that they have united as one nation led exclusively by the TeraLink Corporation. Under the direction of founder, CEO, and supreme leader, Alan Musk, TeraLink managed to miraculously find the answer to both Earth’s and humanity’s problem: the rare mineral, bion, found only on the distant planet Anima.
Planet Anima - Near AnimaCity
Anima is a veritable utopia inhabited by fourty distinct species of CryptoAnimals who thrive by working together in a harmonious, hierarchy-free society with no rules, laws, or even the concept of leaders. Initially, the CrytoAnimals welcomed the human travelers and were eager to teach them about everything Anima had to offer; however, consumed by greed, TeraLink soon began persecuting the CryptoAnimals, forcing them to produce more and more bion and destroying those who didn’t comply. When word of this outrage reached Earth – thanks to a few rebellious TeraLink workers who fought back against the company to help save the creatures – humanity was split once again and a new faction was born: the Keepers .
Keepers lauching to Anima
The Keepers made it their mission to fight back against TeraLink’s greed and do everything they could to save the CryptoAnimals from the same grim fate that had befallen so many of Earth’s own native species.
And now the power is in your hands: Will you help the Keepers in their quest to save the CryptoAnimals while also doing something good for animals here on Earth, or will TeraLink ultimately rip all the bion from Anima, destroying it and the CryptoAnimals in the process?
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