[WIP] All information is subject to change. The number, the types of lands, exact features, and details will be revealed after the Anima City reveal.
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Anima is an interoperable game. In our case, this means that we are doing everything possible to allow the rapid and thorough integration of other communities and projects into our pixelverse.
The main strength of web3 and its players is the ability to create a very high level of community engagement that offers a wide range of possibilities for project leaders. Still, it is necessary to understand the stakes of this ecosystem and especially to appropriate them to differentiate oneself.
We have created a colony system that allows cultural and/or socially committed projects to create their own communities and have their own places in Anima.
We are setting up a system of partners that will offer to our partner projects, the possibility at first:
  • To have exclusive places to their communities, whose access will be restricted or not depending on the choice of the community concerned.
  • Get a custom-made space to show your art and culture (or even your privates jokes) -Own a cultural museum, to which you can control access.
  • Quests and missions that impact the game and the player's adventure will be created with each new settlement established.
  • Your land, your rules (Eventually, we want to integrate a DAO system in-game, for each community)
  • To obtain a unique manufacturing knowledge that will allow you to offer unique items to other communities.
We have plenty of other ideas in mind but at this point to say more would be speculation.

For the culture.

TinyDinos Secret cave
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