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CryptoAnimal - Lama

The PFP collection

CryptoAnimals is the first collection from HumanLab Studio. Inspired by LarvaLabs' famous CryptoPunks, and the pixel meme culture. CryptoAnimals are handmade PFP collectibles (profile pictures) created to mimic the plight of certain endangered animal species.

40 hand-drawn animal species, all with exclusive items for a total of 10,000 randomly and fairly generated NFTs.

CryptoAnimal - Shark

Your CryptoAnimal is a PFP ( Profile Picture ) collectible but also:

  • Your access key to Anima and the Keepers movement
  • Your in-game companion

  • Your way of standing for something

2D version of your CryptoAnimals

Bear basic model
Tiger basic model
(WIP) Concept of in-game 2D Character
To enjoy all that Anima has to offer, you will need a CryptoAnimal. CryptoAnimals have different types, traits, species, and different in-game characteristics.
Each CryptoAnimal PFP will have its own unique 2D version in Anima.
The most respected and fearsome CryptoAnimals are companions of the keepers but also formidable fighters. Assigned in pairs, the CryptoAnimals accompany you as a "companion" in all your explorations and adventures.
Concept of 2D Keeper and Bear model (not final version)
Some CryptoAnimals will grant you access to new and unique places and/or travel faster in the Animaverse due to their abilities and strengths.

What about rarity?

The full rarity chart and details will be shared after the collection reveal
To avoid any concerns of leaks or possibilities of impacting the launch of the CryptoAnimals collection. All exact rarity information, by species and traits, will be revealed only after the collection is revealed.
For your safety: No mint links will be published before the official date. Be careful with scammers and feel free to join our discord community to check all information.
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The PFP collection
2D version of your CryptoAnimals
What about rarity?