They are the figures of the rebellion and the fervent protectors of the CryptoAnimals
[WIP] All information is subject to change. The Keepers NFT collection design, utility, and mint details will be revealed after the Anima City reveal.
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Basic hero model

What are Keepers?

The Keepers NFT collection is a 2D pixel art collection that will be dedicated primarily to CryptoAnimals owners (more information in the coming weeks). As a Keeper you are one of the main actors of the CryptoAnimals project, Keepers NFT represents each member of the community and makes you protectors of CryptoAnimals.
The Keepers made it their mission to fight back against TeraLink’s greed and do everything they could to save the CryptoAnimals from the same grim fate that had befallen so many of Earth’s own native species.
In Anima, the Keepers will be your 2D avatar characters. Your identity and you will be continually accompanied by your CryptoAnimals in the form of "pets" if you own one.

The Keepers collection

Details: To be announced
A full collection of unique and badass Keepers will be released within a month of the game's alpha launch.
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What are Keepers?
The Keepers collection