Lands & housing
Anima is still a very wild planet, unexplored by Humans.
[WIP] All information is subject to change. The number, the types of lands, exact features, and details will be revealed after the Anima City reveal.
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Anima CITY

2302 - Anima City
AnimaCity is the Keepers' HQ, a place where CryptoAnimals and humans live together in peace. The Keepers will have the possibility to get Lands, places respectfully of the environment that they can decorate, arrange according to their tastes, transform into NFT showroom, and Guild HQ...
Some information:
There will be different types of buildings and interiors. They will be different in terms of design (variations are made according to the different zones of Anima) but also in terms of space and functionality.
TBA - Some ANIMA CITY buildings and houses concepts
We won't reveal everything now, one thing at a time.
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