Usable NFT Items
Items - Token - Trading system
[WIP] All information is subject to change. The number, the types of lands, exact features, and details will be revealed after the Anima City reveal.
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Useful and tradable

Players will be rewarded by completing quests with different items. These items will all have a concrete use in the game and will therefore be of interest to be exchanged between players. Special collections according to the type of item will be created to allow players to sell their items to each other on the secondary market and to buy the items they want to have.
Usable NFT Items will be introduced during a special event that we will reveal in more detail when the alpha is released.


We have decided not to create a token for the Anima project. We think this is the best way for the community and our team to focus on the deep value of the project and what we want to create.

We are here to stay!

We also want to wait until we understand player behavior and community needs to let them take control of the game and define their own rules.
If we ever launch a token, we want to establish a fair launch with a fair distribution between our non-profit partners and the Keepers community.

Trading system

Therefore we have decided to base our in-game business model on a system of trading between players. For security reasons but also because of a time constraint, NFT item trading will be done entirely on the secondary market for the first collections.
We are already working on an in-game trading system but this will take a long time. More details will be communicated after the launch of the alpha of the game.
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Useful and tradable
Trading system